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Filled with Hope

Today we were informed that our 2500+ bandana shipment seems to have gone MIA since its check-in in South Carolina earlier in the week. The current, what I am going to call, misplacement of the finished bandanas we were SO looking forward to is honestly very discouraging. Our hope is that those words of power and love are effecting each and every person as they make their way across the country! Please keep the shipment in your prayers 🙂

P.S. An uplifting factor of this unfortunate event was that when I expressed to Megan the situation and told her that since we had not made a fully functioning website whoever had the bandanas wouldn’t be able to get a hold of us. She had the idea to Google ourselves (hehe)! And when I typed Love Propagation into Google, the blog was the first hit off the search!! (Followed by an oddly translated Russian to English news article about Valentine’s day….)
It’s the little things that keep us filled with hope!

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