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Miss Morton Lends Love Prop Some Snazzy Tunes

Ashlee Morton’s EP Don’t Grow Cold is now (I was going to say “in the mail,” but it is truly in the wireless world wide web-inatior, haha) en route to our dear friend (and web designer!!) Alastair in jolly old England. We’re hoping the lovely tunes centered around love and relationships brings him only encouragement in his (just for a short period) long distance relationship with his lovely fiance (and Megan’s best friend!) Naomi Rogers who is on a 6 week teaching trip to China!! Love Propagation wants to bless all three of our dear friends and thank them for all they are doing to spread words of LOVE and encouragement all across the globe 🙂
Visit Ashlee Morton on Facebook
Or purchase her tunes on her BandCamp account

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