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2 (two) Joy Bandanas Get Joy/Give Joy – $10.

2 (two) Joy Bandanas                                                                                Get Joy/Give Joy

Notes/Special Instructions (if any):

Two 22″ x 22″ 100% Natural Cotton Joy Bandanas, Made in the USA

Get your hands on a multipurpose JOY bandana and share one with a friend!

This incredibly versatile classic paisley bandana has a million uses!!!

Our JOY bandana is perfect for a picnic lunch! Line your basket, or rather–have it be your basket! The JOY bandana is perfect to tuck into kids lunch pail’s (or adults for that matter), the ideal reminder of the JOY you have when you are with them. The color of the JOY bandana, isn’t just a color, it’s a lifestyle! It’s a sublime choice for helping preserve the Earth. Use it as a “green” alternative gift wrap, a lunch bag, or a tissue. Perfect for the sportsman, hiker, camper–tuck it under a hat for supreme neck protection or as an emergency sling!

The ideas are endless—

Our favorite use for the JOY bandana:

a fashionable accessory for your four-legged BFF!

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