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2 (two) Love Bandanas Get Love/Give Love – $10.

2 (two) Love Bandanas    Get Love/Give Love

22″ x 22″ 100% Natural Cotton Bandana Made in the USA

Grab a hold of a multipurpose LOVE bandana and share one with a friend!


This incredibly versatile classic paisley bandana has a million uses!!!

Our LOVE bandana is ready wear! Pump up any outfit with the LOVE bandana as a bracelet, rockabilly headband, or scarf. Pump up your workout and use a LOVE bandana as your sweatband!

The ideas are endless—

Our favorite use for the LOVE bandana: a gift of homegrown tomatoes(or any veggie really…homegrown or not!) in a basket lined with LOVE to neighbors, family, or friends–*perfect for BBQs*

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