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2(two)Peace Bandanas Get Peace/Give Peace – $10.

2(two)Peace Bandanas Get Peace/Give Peace

Two ” 22 x 22″ 100% Natural Cotton Peace Bandanas, Made in the USA

Grab a hold of a multipurpose PEACE bandana and share one with a friend!

This incredibly versatile classic paisley bandana has a million uses!!!

Our PEACE bandana is perfect to wipe a tear, muffle a cough, or catch a sneeze in! It rivals the “hankie” so go ahead, blow your nose on it! Completely machine washable, and at 22″x22″ there’s plenty of room for anyone’s schnoz. The PEACE bandana can help soothe any scrape, wrap it around a bag of frozen peas for a quick ice pack. Let the PEACE bandana keep you from feeling blue while traveling- use it as a sleep mask, luggage tag, or pillow cover!!

The ideas are endless–

Our favorite use for the PEACE bandana:

wrap it around a water bottle as a “pay-it-forward” quick gift, or to prevent condensation!

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