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PEACE and JOY are here to join LOVE!

Friends and fellow love propagators!

Our second shipment of bandanas have arrived!

We now have our full collection of LOVE, PEACE, and JOY bandanas available for purchase! As Megan and I were hard at work on the new bandana packaging, we heard a large truck pull up outside. As we heard the lift gate descend our ears perked up… The PEACE and JOY bandana shipment were no longer en route, but finally here!!! As the shipment crew unloaded the large pallet we snapped a few photos of our product wrapped cozy in shrink wrap 🙂

They brought boxes in with a total of over 5000 PEACE and JOY bandanas. The deliverymen then graciously posed with their parting gifts before returning to their day of work, a little sweeter with the WORD OF LIFE: LOVEPEACE and JOY!!

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