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Words have power!

Over the last few years, Love Propagation has partnered with many charities and "Giving Partners" to distribute thousands of Love, Peace and Joy bandanas - For each bandana that was purchased, one was given to someone in need.

Now we would like to partner with you! With two Love, Peace or Joy bandanas for $10 you can wear one and pass one on! In addition we will continue to donate 10% of your purchase to our "Giving Partners" to help support them financially.

There are many who are stricken with poverty, and even more who find themselves "poor in spirit." Help sow these powerful words of life!

love bandana peace bandana joy bandana

We all need Love, Peace and Joy, and what better way than with a classic bandana? Wrap LOVE around your neck, tuck PEACE in your pocket, and fill your purse with JOY!

Celebrate a wedding with the gift of Love or the birth of a baby with Joy. Gift a bandana to someone who is suffering a loss, battling an illness, or struggling under a financial burden. And for those who live outside-- a bandana is an incredibly versatile gift. The next time you encounter a homeless person, try wrapping a bandana around a water bottle and your kindness will not only quench the thirst of the body, but the thirst of the soul.

Love Propagation (love prop•a•ga•shun )
Function: verb a: Multiplication or increase of love b: the spreading or transmission of love c: the process of spreading love to a larger area or greater number; love dissemination. Origin c. 2009, (v.) .Propagation "that which propagates "from pro-"forth" + *pag, root of pangere "to fasten" Agape (selfless love), a profoundly tender benevolent affection for another, love, loyalty, friendship. Synonyms: love spreading, love dispersion

"Above all, clothe yourself in love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony." Col 3:14