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In 1991, Erin Sladek left a successful accounting career to start an independent bookkeeping service in order to stay home and raise her daughter. Years later, around the same time her daughter was entering High School, she was approached by a client with a position as an Executive Administrator for several Executives.  Feeling like the timing was right and missing the social aspects of working with a team she put her bookkeeping business aside and took the position.  It was this job that put Erin into relationship with several of the hard working, intelligent, adventurous and generous women she is partnering with in Love Propagation.

In 2006, an opportunity arose through her employer to take a course on Impact Giving- “How to change the world through generosity”. The first course was offered to employees and their families, so Erin enrolled herself along with her sixteen year old daughter Megan. At the end of the course, research trips were offered to graduates to put their generosity into action. Not wanting to pass up this once in a life time opportunity Erin and her daughter Megan set out for Africa. 

On August 10, 2007 they landed in the city of Pemba in Mozambique, Africa in route to an orphanage with over 300 children. Over the course of the trip they were introduced to several mission efforts—an elementary school for children, a sewing school for women, and carpentry training for men, along with fresh water wells and chicken farming for small villages. Erin had a revelation, “This is what love looks like!”  Even in extreme poverty love wins out.

Upon her return from Africa, Erin realized that she now owned the love she had seen and experienced amongst the children in Pemba.  She was then faced with many questions such as “Where will I put this love?” and “Where in my direct sphere of influence can I love effectively?”  She searched the internet for soup kitchens that serve the homeless in her area and came up with Mary’s Kitchen.  Every Wednesday since, Mary’s Kitchen has been the home for that love. Little did she know how much love she would receive in return.

Gathering together again, after having similar experiences in Africa, India, Mexico and Nicaragua, this dynamic group of women have come together to conceive Love Propagation, out of a desire to fund grassroot charities such as Mary’s Kitchen with the proceeds of a product, as opposed to traditional fund raising events.

We believe that words have power and to that end each product is designed to sow the seeds of Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, Wisdom and Faith.  The sales of these products not only benefit those stricken with poverty by funding charitable outreach, but also those who find themselves poor in spirit and are revived by receiving these powerful words of life.