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WOMEN’S NIGHT OUT  Comments (0)



Hamborg Brothers Spread Joy Across Spain  Comments (0)

As Chapman Hamborg journeyed across the great big blue to pursue his artistic dreams, we had but one request…take some pictures of your gorgeous self in that beautiful city! And he followed through. These are the amazing shots of Chapman and his brother Anders in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain! Spreading JOY all across Europe… okay, an exaggeration…but all across the city at least!





Thanks again Chappie and Anders!


LP Shares the Love with the Wimberley Bluegrass Band  Comments (0)

We very much enjoyed the country tunes of the WIMBERLEY BLUEGRASS BAND this past weekend at the ORANGE HOMEGROWN FARMER’S MARKET. They so embodied the spirit of Love Propagation that we felt led to give away a little LOVE and JOY 😀

We also felt led to buy both of their albums! We’ve been singing along to their twangy country gospel all week long 🙂


More Goodies From the Farmer’s Market  Comments (0)

Our intern Judy came out to help us at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. She looks so fantastic in her PEACE bandana! She even came up with a creative way to wear the PEACE BUTTON PIN… can you find it in the picture below?



Merry Christmas from Love Propagation  Comments (0)

Inspiration and the Christmas spirit has struck in the form of gift wrap! Our new friend Jane sent us a photo of her Christmas goodies wrapped up in LOVEPEACE and JOY!!

Jane's lovely Christmas gifts! And our source of inspiration!

We have set up a wrapping kit so now you too can to wrap up your Christmas gifts in LOVEPEACE and JOY!!

Come on down to Artist’s Alley at the Orange Farmer’s Market  to purchase a kit for just $3!

Kit includes: Merry Christmas button, large cellophane bag, and ribbon to wrap your gifts up in LOVEPEACE or JOY ($10 bandana sold separately)

And as always -WEAR ONE, GIVE-ONE- applies! For each bandana you purchase, one is given to someone in need 🙂


Orange Home Grown  Comments (0)

The past few weeks we’ve been heading out to the Orange Home Grown  Farmer’s and Artisan Market!

Sales have been fantastic and we are so thrilled to be getting these encouraging words of LOVE, PEACE, and JOY out to our community.

Megan and I had a blast setting up Love Propagation's first storefront!

Proud of all her hard work!

Our intern Grant was very excited about the new expanded set up!


Grant and Megan: Love Propagating

Come visit us at the old Villa Park Orchards parking lot–the corner of Palm and Cypress in Orange, CA

Open from 9am-1pm every Saturday

And while you’re there grab your fresh produce and home baked goods from local vendors!




Thanksgiving LOVE BANDANA Distribution  Comments (0)

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, with thunderclouds accumulating overhead, Lifehouse Ministries of Orange County gathered to serve their weekly meal to the homeless.

On the menu for the day was: Roasted Turkey, Ham, Seasoned twice-baked, mashed potatoes, Kicked up stuffing, Traditional greenbean casserole, Cornbread casserole, Roasted turkey herb gravy, Cranberry Dressing, Dinner Rolls, Green Salad, Fruit Salad, Lattice top cherry pie With Whipped Cream, and Apple Pie with Whipped Cream!!! A traditional Thanksgiving meal for our friends who call the Santa Ana Riverbed their home. Along with the scrumptious meal, Love Propagation was able to partner with Lifehouse to distribute LOVE Bandanas to all 65 guests 🙂

As the hour of serving progressed, the clouds tinted darker and darker and before we knew it, it was raining cats and dogs! Megan was the Head of  Trashbag Coutour creating custom rain gear for even the most unique guests.

To be able to supply our homeless guests with not only food in their stomach, but food for thought, was such a pleasure. We know that the powerful Words of Life on our Love Bandana will bless each recipient. I continue to serve with Lifehouse every Sunday and they are currently looking for items to put in Christmas bags as they will be serving on Christmas Day! For more information on giving to and with Lifehouse Ministries of Orange County please follow this link:



PEACE and JOY are here to join LOVE!  Comments (0)

Friends and fellow love propagators!

Our second shipment of bandanas have arrived!

We now have our full collection of LOVE, PEACE, and JOY bandanas available for purchase! As Megan and I were hard at work on the new bandana packaging, we heard a large truck pull up outside. As we heard the lift gate descend our ears perked up… The PEACE and JOY bandana shipment were no longer en route, but finally here!!! As the shipment crew unloaded the large pallet we snapped a few photos of our product wrapped cozy in shrink wrap 🙂

They brought boxes in with a total of over 5000 PEACE and JOY bandanas. The deliverymen then graciously posed with their parting gifts before returning to their day of work, a little sweeter with the WORD OF LIFE: LOVEPEACE and JOY!!


-WEAR ONE, GIVE ONE-  Comments (0)

Today was our first bandana give away! I ran into a few of my friends and guests of Mary’s Soup Kitchen and was so happy to finally have a product to give them! I have been talking with them about starting Love Propagation since the very beginning. They took with them incredible words of power, on a LOVE bandana.



We’ve Gone Live!  Comments (0)

Hello everyone,

If you are reading this blog surrounded by lovely artwork and tech savvy buttons, you are witnessing the hard work of our graphic designer and web support team !! We hope our warm and cozy new exterior reflects the heart of our message, which is to spread love wherever we go. And to give love to all, because as we know, there are many who are stricken with poverty, and even more who find themselves “poor in spirit.” With each purchase you make here on, you help sow these powerful words of life! We all need LOVE, PEACE and JOY, and what better way than a classic bandana?