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What We’re All About  Comments (0)

Love Propagation manufactures and markets high quality, uniquely designed
products with the purpose of spreading the words of Peace, Love, Joy, Hope,
Wisdom and Faith. We believe that as the world meets with what appears to be
insurmountable financial challenges and people come face to face with difficult
times, whether it be financial, health or relationships these words meet the
needs of ALL.
Each time you shop a portion of your purchase is donated to various
grassroots charities!

Miss Morton Lends Love Prop Some Snazzy Tunes  Comments (0)

Ashlee Morton’s EP Don’t Grow Cold is now (I was going to say “in the mail,” but it is truly in the wireless world wide web-inatior, haha) en route to our dear friend (and web designer!!) Alastair in jolly old England. We’re hoping the lovely tunes centered around love and relationships brings him only encouragement in his (just for a short period) long distance relationship with his lovely fiance (and Megan’s best friend!) Naomi Rogers who is on a 6 week teaching trip to China!! Love Propagation wants to bless all three of our dear friends and thank them for all they are doing to spread words of LOVE and encouragement all across the globe 🙂
Visit Ashlee Morton on Facebook
Or purchase her tunes on her BandCamp account

Cappuccinos for a Cause  Comments (0)

At our meeting with our web designer this last Thursday we decided to settle down at Lucca Cafe in the Orange Circle. An order for two cappuccinos were placed and this is what we received on one! 

A lovely heart leaf formed of foam 🙂 We’ll take it as another encouraging and consistent sign that we’re on the right track pursuing progress with Love Propagation!!

Propagation in the Park  Comments (0)

Our lovely friend Rhonda is keeping up with the daily PR through Ella and Janey 🙂 
Our youngest models to date, and they’re working it!! They embody everything about Love Propagation, the spreading of Love and encouragement to all around us, and those afar! Can’t wait to see what creative ways they come up with to wear our multipurpose LOVE bandana! 

Thrilling Thursdays with LP!  Comments (0)

This evening marked the first of many Thrilling Thursdays with Love Propagation. Now that all 2600+ bandanas are here with 10,000 envelopes and stickers, the folding and packing can begin! Please contact me if you have any interest in donating your time to helping with this large entrepreneurial adventure we’re on! We’ll be meeting at my parent’s house (or should I say estate?) in Villa Park every Thursday evening until it all comes together. And trust me, there is a lot of work ahead of us…so if you can’t make it this Thursday, you might be able to make it the next week (or the next week, or the next week, etc, etc!). We would love it of you would join us for the fellowship, food, and folding!! If you want to partake in some yummy eats (probably Mediterranean cuisine, but we may branch out occasionally…) try and let us know ahead of time and we will put you in our head count. Please don’t hesitate to call, I’m always looking to talk about LP (a reminder that you can reach us at phone# is 714-496-3829).
Thanks all, and enjoy the photos 🙂 See you next Thursday!

The Group this week

Rhonda and Tula Workin’ It!

Julie and Me (using Meg’s ‘ah, hah, hah’ trick, ask her sometime….)

Off To Kenya They Go!  Comments (0)

10 bananas are currently en route to Nairobi, Kenya in the carry-on of our dear friend Camie Rose. She, along with her mother, is visiting several orphanages over the course of a two week stay in Kenya… Bringing with her words of power and love!! We want to bless Camie’s trip and thank her for being the first (of hopefully many) missionaries to take our vision global!!
Thanks also to Kaila who is taking one on her trip to Kansas City, MO on her spring break vacation, off to visit our very well missed Katy darling 🙂

News on Love Propagation’s booth in Santa Ana’s Patchwork Festival to come in next post!!

Praise and Thanks  Comments (0)

The bandanas were located!!!!
Oddly enough there were 14 left in South Carolina and the rest ended up in Seattle?! They are shipping the small batch in SC here overnight so we will be able to send just over a dozen with our friends who are traveling to orphanages in Kenya, cutting it close…they leave Sunday!! We are thankful an relieved that the bandanas were found an we hope and pray that they touched many lives throughout their journey 🙂

Filled with Hope  Comments (0)

Today we were informed that our 2500+ bandana shipment seems to have gone MIA since its check-in in South Carolina earlier in the week. The current, what I am going to call, misplacement of the finished bandanas we were SO looking forward to is honestly very discouraging. Our hope is that those words of power and love are effecting each and every person as they make their way across the country! Please keep the shipment in your prayers 🙂

P.S. An uplifting factor of this unfortunate event was that when I expressed to Megan the situation and told her that since we had not made a fully functioning website whoever had the bandanas wouldn’t be able to get a hold of us. She had the idea to Google ourselves (hehe)! And when I typed Love Propagation into Google, the blog was the first hit off the search!! (Followed by an oddly translated Russian to English news article about Valentine’s day….)
It’s the little things that keep us filled with hope!

The Wait is Over!  Comments (0)

Ladies and gentleman, the final bandanas are here! Surged edge, centered print, perfect color…the works! Our supplier so graciously put three in the mail that would arrive before the big shipment, and here they are 🙂

Work Wear  Comments (0)

Meg and I both donned our LP wear today before heading off to school and the soup kitten (respectively)! I was leaving prayer when I text Megan a picture of myself wearing the bandana as a headband (for those who know me…it’s not too far from my signature “hair rag” that I get so many complements on!). To which she replied with a photo of herself with an Plant Love pin on!! It’s the littlest things that cam really make your day!!
We’re making the final adjustments to packaging and should see the first couple bandana runoffs this Monday! Stay tuned 🙂