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-WEAR ONE, GIVE ONE- Comments (0)

Today was our first bandana give away! I ran into a few of my friends and guests of Mary’s Soup Kitchen and was so happy to finally have a product to give them! I have been talking with them about starting Love Propagation since the very beginning. They took with them incredible words of power, on a LOVE […]

Cappuccinos for a Cause Comments (0)

At our meeting with our web designer this last Thursday we decided to settle down at Lucca Cafe in the Orange Circle. An order for two cappuccinos were placed and this is what we received on one!  A lovely heart leaf formed of foam 🙂 We’ll take it as another encouraging and consistent sign that […]

Filled with Hope Comments (0)

Today we were informed that our 2500+ bandana shipment seems to have gone MIA since its check-in in South Carolina earlier in the week. The current, what I am going to call, misplacement of the finished bandanas we were SO looking forward to is honestly very discouraging. Our hope is that those words of power […]

Hamborg Brothers Spread Joy Across Spain Comments (0)

As Chapman Hamborg journeyed across the great big blue to pursue his artistic dreams, we had but one request…take some pictures of your gorgeous self in that beautiful city! And he followed through. These are the amazing shots of Chapman and his brother Anders in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain! Spreading JOY all across Europe… okay, an exaggeration…but […]

Love Bandana Comments (0)

A lot of LOVE, sweat, and tears went into this piece (heehee). I have been working back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) with artist and graphic designer Aileen Holmes since November of 2010! This bandana is truly the culmination of blessings, triumphs, and God’s mercy. As I pieced these verses […]

LP Shares the Love with the Wimberley Bluegrass Band Comments (0)

We very much enjoyed the country tunes of the WIMBERLEY BLUEGRASS BAND this past weekend at the ORANGE HOMEGROWN FARMER’S MARKET. They so embodied the spirit of Love Propagation that we felt led to give away a little LOVE and JOY 😀 We also felt led to buy both of their albums! We’ve been singing along to their twangy […]

Megan modeling our strike-off bandana! Comments (0)

Strike-off bandana came just the other day 🙂 I tied it up as a headband and Megan threw it on! We ran outside for better light and noticed that our chicken (Cleo or Gwen, we’re not really sure which is which since they’ve gotten older, which just refer to them as the twins) matches our […]

Merry Christmas from Love Propagation Comments (0)

Inspiration and the Christmas spirit has struck in the form of gift wrap! Our new friend Jane sent us a photo of her Christmas goodies wrapped up in LOVE, PEACE and JOY!! We have set up a wrapping kit so now you too can to wrap up your Christmas gifts in LOVE, PEACE and JOY!! Come on down to Artist’s Alley at the Orange […]

Miss Morton Lends Love Prop Some Snazzy Tunes Comments (0)

Ashlee Morton’s EP Don’t Grow Cold is now (I was going to say “in the mail,” but it is truly in the wireless world wide web-inatior, haha) en route to our dear friend (and web designer!!) Alastair in jolly old England. We’re hoping the lovely tunes centered around love and relationships brings him only encouragement […]