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More Goodies From the Farmer’s Market Comments (0)

Our intern Judy came out to help us at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. She looks so fantastic in her PEACE bandana! She even came up with a creative way to wear the PEACE BUTTON PIN… can you find it in the picture below? THANKS AGAIN JUDY!

Off To Kenya They Go! Comments (0)

10 bananas are currently en route to Nairobi, Kenya in the carry-on of our dear friend Camie Rose. She, along with her mother, is visiting several orphanages over the course of a two week stay in Kenya… Bringing with her words of power and love!! We want to bless Camie’s trip and thank her for […]

Orange Home Grown Comments (0)

The past few weeks we’ve been heading out to the Orange Home Grown  Farmer’s and Artisan Market! Sales have been fantastic and we are so thrilled to be getting these encouraging words of LOVE, PEACE, and JOY out to our community.   Come visit us at the old Villa Park Orchards parking lot–the corner of Palm and […]

PEACE and JOY are here to join LOVE! Comments (0)

Friends and fellow love propagators! Our second shipment of bandanas have arrived! We now have our full collection of LOVE, PEACE, and JOY bandanas available for purchase! As Megan and I were hard at work on the new bandana packaging, we heard a large truck pull up outside. As we heard the lift gate descend […]



Pillows will be available at the Old Towne Orange Farmers Market in November 2014

Praise and Thanks Comments (0)

The bandanas were located!!!!Oddly enough there were 14 left in South Carolina and the rest ended up in Seattle?! They are shipping the small batch in SC here overnight so we will be able to send just over a dozen with our friends who are traveling to orphanages in Kenya, cutting it close…they leave Sunday!! […]

Propagation in the Park Comments (0)

Our lovely friend Rhonda is keeping up with the daily PR through Ella and Janey 🙂  Our youngest models to date, and they’re working it!! They embody everything about Love Propagation, the spreading of Love and encouragement to all around us, and those afar! Can’t wait to see what creative ways they come up with […]



Thanksgiving LOVE BANDANA Distribution Comments (0)

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, with thunderclouds accumulating overhead, Lifehouse Ministries of Orange County gathered to serve their weekly meal to the homeless. On the menu for the day was: Roasted Turkey, Ham, Seasoned twice-baked, mashed potatoes, Kicked up stuffing, Traditional greenbean casserole, Cornbread casserole, Roasted turkey herb gravy, Cranberry Dressing, Dinner Rolls, Green Salad, Fruit Salad, […]

The Definition of Our Company: Love Propagation Comments (0)

(love prop·a·ga·-shun ) Function: verb a: Multiplication or increase of loveb: the spreading or transmission of lovec: the process of spreading love to a larger area or greater number.